Packaging Design

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differentiation, attraction & Loyalty

Be the first package new consumers are interested in, and the only product loyal consumers will come back to again and again.

Packaging is one of the most crucial platforms for marketing your brand, selling your product and protecting your beautiful goods inside. Great packaging design is both remarkable and memorable; it connects with consumers on a deeper level.

Remarkable packaging is achieved by exceptional design, a unique colour palette & individual creative flair. These elements together help the package leap off the shelf and stand out from the clutter or sea of similar packaging which fills the category. Think about your favourite confectionery packaging, you love the product but even the colour and unique design elements also connect you emotionally.

Packaging Markets we work in:

Bakery Packaging

Confectionery Packaging

Dog Food Packaging

Cat Food Packaging

Snack Packaging

Fresh Meat Packaging

Frozen Food Packaging

Home & Beauty Product Packaging

Take-Away Food Packaging

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Hygiene Packaging

Soft & Alcoholic Drinks Packaging

Memorable packaging creates individuality, provides functionality (for example a tin is forever reusable) and delivers an experience when opened or used. Think about how it feels to open your new apple gadget, it delivers more than just opening a box, it’s an experience. Every element is carefully thought out and presented in a unique way.

From undertaking thousands of packaging projects we can honestly say, the bigger the budget i.e. usually the more luxury the product, the easier it is to deliver on all of the above, but by using our experience and following our process of detailed research, analysis and development it’s more than possible to deliver on enough key touchpoints to make a great success of your product launch or packaging redesign.

The best packaging design is your salesman on shelf, it communicates your brand story in a fun and compelling way and compliments your product so well it resonates that deep connection with consumers, building loyalty and reputation. Based in Bidford on Avon, near Stratford-upon-Avon we are a design agency who have the industry experience, a seriously brilliant set of tools, and a track record for helping start-ups and Britain’s biggest brands successfully create and promote their products.

The key packaging design services

What do we offer

Market & Competitor Research

For any packaging project, research guides the decisions made during the process. The research phase it’s key for us to gain a better understanding of your business, how you operate and everything that has come before. We’ll also delve into how and where the product will be placed as this has great importance, there is a big difference in how packaging is developed for small stores, supermarkets and for sale online only.

Competitor Research

No research would be complete without a complete understanding of the brands you are competing against. What do they do well? What could they do better? How will you measure against them? Where are the vantage points? At Goulding Media we like to ensure our research is thorough so we can offer you the best advice to make a success of your project.

Cosmetic materials & protection

Equally important to the success of your product is the choice of materials. There are a vast amount of different packaging types to choose from, and it’s important you make the best decision from the outset of any packaging design project. Consider the durability – to survive the various stages of logistics to the end user, protection it offers the product – it’s the worst feeling in the world when you get home to find your eggs are broken, and consider the cost – It’s no good having the most extravagant packaging in the world if you can’t get it produced in volume at a cost effective price.

Environmental & Sustainability

Environmental issues have been at the forefront of industry discussion for a very long time. Over recent years it’s been a big news feature and highlighted on TV shows like BBC Planet Earth (Link). A recent survey suggests up to 74% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. It’s easier for a new start up to use packaging which is environmentally friendly, than it is for a brand with many existing products, however we can help you explore the options by visualising packaging design and creating digital mock-ups and prototypes (link).

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is about bringing together the visual content and communication messages. A hierarchy of elements is important to ensure the right messages are seen by the consumer is a relative order. You’ll benefit from our team’s vast experience in Graphic Design, techniques, use of typography and clever image retouching sets our work apart. It’s one of the big reasons we retain clients and develop deep partnerships over years of working together on many packaging & marketing projects.

Packaging Legal & Technical

No packaging project is ever complete or successful without considering the legal and technical side of packaging. There is a consistent approach to the legal requirements on each pack, but every category also has its own unique set of legislation to follow. It’s also an ever changing set of rules and regulations which are published by the UK government (link:

It’s certainly worthwhile and cost effective to use a design agency who have experience working in the packaging industry, as reprinting millions of packs is a huge waste of time and a costly error to make.

Packaging Reprographics

Aside from legislation and technical there is also the concern of print quality. Different packaging materials have multiple ways of being printed, and these challenge you to make a decision on quality vs affordability, they also have their own unique strengths & weaknesses, and being able to use these to your benefit is our skillset. Considering the use of pantone inks (or spot colours), metallic foiling, embossing and other special effects also requires knowledge of the process so that we can provide the printer will files which they understand and can easily use (ensuring you get no large bills for them having to sort out design issues).

3D Visualisation, Mock-ups & Prototypes

One of the biggest elements in packaging which is often overlooked is the fact that the majority of it lives in the physical world. It’s a 3D object not a 2D flat on screen design. Only a small number of people in the world can mentally visuals how complex 2D drawings will replicate into a 3D physical product, therefore we do that for you. We’ve built an arsenal of the top ranking 3D software suites which money can buy (it didn’t come cheap, but you’re worth it!), and it’s provided us with a key difference on most other design agencies. We don’t just design, we design packaging, it’s a big difference in the way we are geared up to offer you a dedicated service.

Print Management

From our decades of experience we are in a position to also offer services which most design agencies simply can’t offer. We know how precious your time is and we also know how much a headache it is to get your head around and setup an effective packaging chain. There are so many facets in the chain and so many questions which need an accurate response to make the whole supply chain work smoothly. Luckily we’re here to offer you a management service, for a small percentage fee, we will setup and manage every aspect of your packaging production chain, from initial order to final delivered product for you to distribute, keeping everything in one place means you only ever need to pick up the phone to us and we’ll handle the rest. Plus our customer service is second to none, so you’ll always get a quick and detailed response. Peace of mind!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you design for any type of packaging?

Yes, we have experience working in all areas of packaging. Flexible packaging is one of the most complex packaging types because of the materials and print process. We’ve been designing flexible packaging for nearly two decades and we have a lot of knowledge to guide you on film types and barrier protection. We’ve designed and managed packaging processes for corrugated boxes (cartons), Metallic Foil packaging, Cans, Pouches, Aluminium Trays, Shrink Wrap, Sacks, Insert Cards and leaflets for Packaging.

Can you help me get my packaging printed and my product packed?

Yes, we have worked with multiple printers in the UK. We’ve created a list of our most credible printers and we know their strengths and weaknesses, so we can advise the best printer for your project. We also know how precious your time is and not every company has their own packaging department or packaging buyer. We offer a packaging management service where we will take the stress away from you as managing multiple packaging lines across different printers in an area which isn’t your expertise can be costly. We always provide a thoroughly transparent service, respond to you promptly and you’ll save the cost by the time you will free up to run your company. Making the whole process more efficient.

Who do you design packaging for?

We design packaging for a number of different size clients in different industries, both working for small start-ups and large successful brands excites us equally. For the last decade our experience has heavily revolved around Confectionery, Pet Food, Snacking, Processed Meats & Pharmaceuticals. Although we’ve also had some exposure to Beverage, Bakery, Luxury and Beauty products, and our experience and techniques can easily be applied to packaging of any industry, including non-food packaging.

I have a lot of SKUs, will you be able to manage my whole range of packaging?

Managing a large number of SKUs can be a challenge, but we have a robust process including an online management system. We’ve worked on large packaging ranges in the past, and up to 50 products which were due to launch at the same time. If your range consists of more than 100 products all to be launched together, we would need to review the project with you and advise what would be possible.

Do you know anyone who can produce physical Packaging mock-ups?

Yes we can mock-up many different packaging types, from film and bag mock-ups to carton and pouch mock-ups, just let us know what you need and when you need it and we’ll do our best to meet your deadline. We also offer a 3D visualisation service where we create photo realistic packaging visuals to help you sell products which are still being developed.

Do you have experience with Multi-lingual Packaging?

Yes, we work with clients who operate globally and we have the experience to design or adapt your multi-lingual packaging for international markets but we aren’t qualified to provide legal advice on packaging for different countries. We would always promote the use of a local advisor in the chosen country as even across the EU many countries have their own specific rulings regarding particular warnings to be displayed and banned ingredients.

Can you design for luxury packaging or make my packaging look special?

Yes, if you’re product is in the luxury market, at a premium price-point or even you just want to really stand out in the market place, we can provide guidance on a number of special print finishes which will really set your product apart from your competition. We can provide you with advice and 3D visualisation for effects like Foil Blocking, Embossing, Metallic Inks, Tactile and Soft Touch Varnishes, Die Cutting and UV Varnishes. Your packaging will catch consumers attention and ultimately improve your sales.

I need packaging urgently, how quickly can I get it produced?