Crilly's confectionery

traditional Irish confectionery on a global scale


With the confectionery market in the UK growing and the number of confectioners who make their own product shrinking, Crilly’s are in a strong position. The UK chocolate & confectionery market is worth an estimated £2.6 Billion, and the worldwide market worth a whopping £158 Billion.

With British confectionery being among the best in the world, and being a highly desirable product beyond British shores, it’s easy to see how gaining entry into the global market is a smart move.


Over several years we’ve worked with Crilly’s to develop various ranges of products, including a core range, premium range and variety of seasonal and spin-off products. The complete selection of totals over 60 different SKUs, and gives Crilly’s a strong offering in any market they choose to compete.

We developed a new website to enable them to showcase the products across the world, and gave them a strong marketing platform to appeal to buyers in all markets.  



Crilly’s sweets is growing from strength to strength, the confectionery ranges have enabled them to gain momentum in the global marketplace, and beyond the UK supermarkets and value stores that stock their products they have now gained contracts in China, and more recently Malaga, Spain.

We couldn’t be more proud of the hard work the team at Crilly’s have put in, and the journey we’ve been on together. Every development is an exciting new chapter to help the Crilly’s team further their success.