Millions Various Packs

Ideas for a classic confectionery giant.

Millions sweets were invented by Douglas Rae in 1991 and became an established favourite with children and adults all around the world. the brand has won various awards including the winner of the Food from Scotland Excellence Awards (two years running!) and the Royal Mail Marketing Award.

The brand never stands still, is continually thinking about new flavours and new pack innovations. We started working with Millions in 2012, and over the last decade have helped them transform the brand, freshen up packaging and develop exciting new products. The brand has undergone exciting and innovative developments, thanks to fresh and evolved thinking and the brand continues to grow for the Millions Brand and is now the number 11 biggest-selling brand out of 342 brands. [See article here]

Millions sweets have built a recognisable global brand, which is sold in more than 20 countries worldwide! Our aim with Millions is always to bring our style of bold exciting fun, and each time we work on a project we evolve the brand in a small but interesting way, which keeps them ever evolving.

Recent additions to the ever expanding range are: Millions Squishies, Millions Multipack, Millions Watermelon £1 Bag, Millions Watermelon Tub, Millions Chunky Chews, Millions Wholesale range Gems, Cola Squishies, Fizzy Cola Babies.